Simply. Perfect. Pop.

Welcome To BedHead

BedHead formed in January 2000 and since then have performed more than 4,500 shows. The band are known for their punchy sound, close harmonies and huge set list of over 800 songs. BedHead cover every decade of recorded music, right up to the chart hits of today in their constantly evolving set list. There are even tunes from the 1800s that pop up among the pop and rock! BedHead’s state of the art Bose sound system delivers crystal clear music-no distortion or mudiness here. The system is equally at home in a huge auditorium or in an intimate venue-so you will hear the performance clearly without having your eardrums ruptured! BedHead never rely on commercial backing tracks. All their tracks are mastered in their own recording studio. Each element is carefully balance by qualified sound engineer Stu and brings his trademark multi-layered sound to BedHead’s live shows. A comment often heard about the band is, “I thought I was listening to a CD!” No matter what the function, BedHead will bring the best in popular music, enhancing any event from a pub or club to a wedding. Explore our site using the navigation buttons to find music, gig lists and more.

BedHead use a Bose L1M2 sound system. For techy types, this is an articulated line array. The main speakers are the tall, thin towers on either side of the band. These contain 24 small speaker cones that give almost 180 degrees dispersion. You will notice that the sound levels at the back of the venue are similar to the front, giving an even sound field that is never harsh or tiring with vocals that are crystal clear and punchy.